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Drug related crimes tend to do more damage than they are worth: For instance, a $2,000 Mahogany door will be broken and the frame jammed and destroyed, just so that the perpetrators can get away with an iPod and $500 of DVDs. This alone is reason enough to take extra security precautions. Also, in many neighborhoods it has been a problem in the past that burglars will enter a structure to steal copper pipes or other pieces of metal for selling as scrap. This type of crime is usually perpetrated by drug addicts but also by desperate thieves as well. Given the repercussions of a burglary for the victims and those around them, it is hardly surprising that this is considered a felony crime in some states. However, even the fact that this punishment is on the line is clearly not a deterrent, since the burglary rates in the US are so unusually high. The article seems a little dated, as well, since with the fall of the US and world economy in recent times, drug abuse has risen as well as poverty, making criminals more desperate and willing to go farther to get what they want than they might have been before. My question about the statistics is, Why does Oman have no burglary to speak of?Perhaps the US can take a lesson from this country and culture so as to lower the unusually high rates of burglary that we have in our own country. One in six homes is quite a high number when you stop and think about it. I live in an urban neighborhood and there are seven homes on one side of my block. That means, of the fourteen homes on either side of the street here, about two will be the target for burglary.

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The integrated wifi cameras will then send an alert to your smartphone with a short recorded video clip of the event sent to the cloud for your review, either in real time or later on.

How many people can say that every window and door including their basement ones are wired.

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The keychain fob is also black and white, measures 2.

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