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See also: rec. pets. dogs FAQ Homepage Of course, reading books is no substitute for meeting dogs, owners and breeders. Each dog is an individual who may not have the temperament typical of his/her breed; individual differences can even swamp breed differences. But you still improve your odds of getting a companionable dog if you know what's typical of a breed. II. Dogs and Home/Office/Neighborhood Security Improving home security is relatively easy. Increasing your security outside the home imposes additional constraints. Let's consider home security first. Much of the information in this section applies, with obvious modifications, to the workplace, and you may want to keep it in mind if you work outside the home at times when most others do not. A.

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Offer applies to homeowners only.

Smartphone AppMany DIY home security systems these days including the majority of those on this list use centralized systems and apps like Alarm.

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One clear effect that has been noted is a reduction of car crime when used in car parks.

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